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Elizabeth's Artist Statement

My paintings on silk reflect my awe and passion for the beautiful flora and fauna which live both above and below the horizon, and their ever changing forms as reflected by the seasons.

My silk painting journey follows upon the heels of a long career as a Chinese brush painting artist (see brushpaintings.com). However, unlike Chinese brush painting which uses only gradations of black ink, silk painting allows me to use nature's full palette of fantastic colors. In the art of painting on silk a thin line of rubber-based resist is first used to sketch the outline onto the silk. Colored dyes are then brushed onto the silk inside the resist. Because of the nature of silk the dyes spread rapidly. Any combinations of hues and shades must be worked quickly with the brush before the dye dries. Once the brush touches the silk, you are completely committed. There is no room for hesitation and no way to correct. The silk is then completely wrapped in paper and steam set for several hours to set the dyes. The final painting is rinsed in water and then dry-cleaned to eliminate the resist.

These paintings were done between 2004 and the present. Much more is to come. Enjoy the journey!

Many of my paintings are inspired by flowers in my own garden. You can see photos of some of these flowers below.

Click on the picture to see a recent article about Elizabeth.

The article appeared in the "Times of Northport" on April 17, 2008 and on the northshoreoflongisland.com website.